When it comes to painting your business, the rules are a little different than they are for painting your home.

After all, you need to take into consideration more than just your own preferences.

What is your main target market? What are their interests? And what sort of colours will be appealing to them?

Or do you run an office building, or some other place where your staff members come to work but your customers don’t? In this case, it’s still important to have a nice environment. After all, happy employees are more efficient employees, and working in a comfortable environment is one way your employees can feel happier.

Read on to find out more about how London Painting can help improve your business.

Commercial Store Painting

When it comes to owning a store these days, curb appeal is everything.

In the age of Instagram, a visually striking storefront can serve as its own marketing. Your customers will want to take photos of the inside of your store and post it to their feeds, giving you some of the strongest word-of-mouth advertising there is.

Where do you start with getting that Instagram-worthy look? Start with a paint job.

Call London Painting to beautify your store today.

Commercial Office Painting

If you run an office, you understand that one of your most valuable assets is your staff. When your staff is happy, they perform better. And one way to boost morale is to make sure they work in a clean, welcoming environment.

And if you run the type of office that hosts clients, you’ll have a much easier time impressing them with a space that looks good. In the sales process, it’s a good idea to take any advantage you can get, and a freshly painted office can be one of those advantages.

Don’t leave your prospects walking away, and your staff miserable. Let London Painting give you a clean, fresh, welcoming space for all to do business in comfort.

Commercial Restaurant Painting

What are the important ingredients to a great restaurant?

Great food. That’s obvious. But there’s more to it than that.

Think of the truly unique dining experiences you’ve had in your life. It was about a lot more than just the food on your fork. It was about the atmosphere.

Savvy restaurant owners recognize the importance of creating a full sensory experience with their food. Tastes and smells, yes, but also sights, sounds, and even touch, should be tickled in just the right way.

And all that starts with a simple coat of paint.

Let London Painting help you create the mood you’re looking for with the right colours on your wall.

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