How To Avoid Damaging The Paint On Your Walls

How To Avoid Damaging Your Walls | London Painting | Painter Services in London Ontario

Walls are SO taken for granted.

We bump into them, bang things against them, run dirty hands along them, and we are constantly decorating and re-decorating, leaving holes throughout them.

However, walls are part of the integrity of the house – once damaged, they lend an air of decrepitude to your home.

Walls can also be an expensive fix.

However, it depends on the level of damage, and what kind.

That’s why as your trusted professional painters, we’ve given you the top three wall-damage culprits, along with some steps you can take to reduce the extent of any future repair jobs.

The Culprit: Moisture And Humidity

Moisture is a home’s worst friend – it often arrives uninvited and is hard to get rid of once settled in.

Humidity and moisture are not to be taken lightly – water is a powerful force, even when it’s a slow drip, seep or collection.

Water can condense behind your walls, and a collection of water can cause your walls to crack or warp, cause your paint to bubble or peel, and can also cause black mold to grow, which is very dangerous to your health.

The Solution

Although many homes now have a dehumidifier add-on to their HVAC system, you may still need a stand-alone unit in certain areas of your home.

Your home should stay under 50% humidity, so be sure to check it every once in a while.

As well, keep an eye out around the house and take note of cracks, peeling, bubbling or warping.

If you happen to SMELL a dankness or mustiness, this is also a clear sign that you have water collecting close by.

Find a good dehumidifier and station it in these places, to try to draw the humidity out of the air.

prevent damage to the paint on your walls | London Painting | Painter Services in London Ontario

The Culprit: Water Damage

Water damage is a tough one, because if you’ve started noticing the signs, it’s probably too late.

You don’t want to mess with water damage – it can seriously damage your home.

Water dripping behind your walls can cause all the top layers of paint to peel off and sag, or could cause the drywall in its entirety to detach and cause a bump.

Black mold is a frequent by-product of water damage, which you want to avoid at all costs, as it is an expensive clean-up and disinfectant job, should you discover it.

The Solution

In this case, your best bet is to get a wall repair specialist, who will be able to let you know if you also need a plumber to deal with the source of the problem.

If you can figure out where it’s coming from, turn off that water at the source to prevent it getting worse.

The Culprit: Letting Your Kids Go Hog Wild

While frescoes and murals are excellent examples of walls that are living, breathing art, your kids aren’t the best artists for this particular medium.

Wall art may delight your child, but they can be a cleaning nightmare for you.

Kids and walls can be a tough combination – ballpoint pens and pencils leave indentations in a wall, and markers can stain your paint.

Crayons are made from paraffin, meaning they can leave behind oil marks on your walls.

The Solution

If you have young children who are artistically-inclined, consider an eggshell or a satin paint – it makes cleaning up far easier.

The option (hopefully) most popular with your young ones: invest in a white-board easel that they can draw on to their heart’s content.

Washable markers are another option for rooms where they tend to get creative on a regular basis.

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